Human 2.0 … questions. thoughts?

We can close our eyelids so all we see is the back of the eyelids and we can control the intake in our mouth, not tasting exactly, instead feeling the sensation of moisture or dryness, BUT we can’t shut off our ears so that we can’t hear. And we can’t shut our nose so we that we don’t smell and we certainly can’t shut down our nervous system so that we close our sense of feeling.

Sometimes we would like to shut down some of these senses, but this distinguishes us from not being alive. Our frustrations and our suffering which we undoubtedly do not want to experience and which we absorb through our senses is what makes us alive not dead. If we lose one or more of these senses, it is reported that the brain creates other avenues to increase or offset the sense(s) that are not there.

BJ Miller says, “dying people are still living” and “this body is just a sac of sensors.” When we can’t sense anything we die.

So my question is, as we are knocking on the door of re-designing humans, Humans 2.0, do we design a reboot switch or do we close off one, many or all of the senses at will? Do we jump between sensing and not sensing? This is not  about AI but about what we do with humans as organic living beings.


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