Light & Healthy Blue Chip Chilaquiles

food-night-alcohol-beer2 tbsp olive oil
3 blue corn tortillas
6 tbsp of fire roasted salsa
1/2 cup black beans
9 tbsp egg white
1/4 cup Mexican blend cheese

Cut corn tortillas into small pieces and fry in olive oil on medium
heat until crispy. If you want to cut back on your calorie intake, use one tbsp of olive oil instead of two.
Reduce heat and add salsa.
Stir to allow chips to absorb the salsa.
Add black beans and stir.
Add egg whites.
Add cheese and allow to melt.
Salt to taste.

Calories per serving 252
Protein per serving 22g
Carbs per serving 23g
Sodium per serving 578mg

The biggest difference with this dish versus other more traditional
chilaquiles dishes is that you’re not overwhelmed by oil and cheese
flavors. Instead, the ingredients all blend together to create a light
Mexican style dish, if there is such a thing. This dish will not put
you to sleep or make you feel like you over ate which tends to be true
for many traditional Mexican dishes. Probably because the ratio of
protein to carbs is decent.

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