The Four Ps

IMG_0316Pace, Priorities, Planning and Performance

Pace – recognize that everything has a unique pace. Recognize what that is for each effort. Familiarize yourself with these paces and align these efforts to the time of day that is optimum for you.

Prioritize – develop a means to prioritize your efforts. There are known methods for this. Some are more rigid then others but this should be a daily practice. Strive for reaching a point where you can quickly discern prioritization so that minimal effort is required. Complex or “difficult” efforts should not be continually seen as too much to get to and consequently put off. Typically they are the ones to address first. Accept that completion may not occur immediately. See planning.

Planning – Define your goals and objectives. Understand your mission. Work from clarity of vision. Have these elements defined and understood before you start. once pace and prioritization has been determined , plan your day, effort, project etc. understand your effort from various perspectives so as to develop a well rounded plan, one that can accommodate adjustments as necessary. Bake in extra time for unexpected circumstances that may arise. Factor in If measuring what you are doing is required. Know how you will capture details so as not to recreate effort in the future should it be required to do it again.

Perform – engage your plan. Document and measure. As you perform, identify assessment points. If necessary, adjust based on identified assessment factors.

Other factors to consider when working through the Four Ps

What are your dependencies?

What are the risks?

Is the yield substantive or of value?

Is the outcome sustainable and maintainable?

Is this effort for effort’s sake or true delivery?

Life happens. Expect the unexpected, adjust as necessary and accept it.

Capture what you do from beginning to end. Recognize the things that are required to capture.

Avoid tunnel vision. Seek different perspectives and understanding to determine if you are in a tunnel.

Do These Six Things Right Now

IMG_0516first, rely on the deluge for change rather then the perfectly crafted message.

second, take any road not only the road less traveled. but sometimes, it is best to go in the opposite direction of traffic.

third, your body ages over the decades, it’s inevitable.  don’t wait for that to happen to you.  get up and experience life.

Fourth, don’t take short cuts to the things that are meaningful to you.  life really isn’t like a game show.  you really don’t stand in line and perform to be discovered.  you perform every moment of every day.  and you live the road you chose to live.

Fifth, listen to the generations that came before you. They are speaking to you.

Sixth, do one through five with patience, practice and discipline