The Practice of Living

Someone close to me told me before she passed that “getting old isn’t for the faint of heart." That said, I’d take it over not getting old any day. When mentioning this to someone else I know, he said, " is precious." The thing is, the practice of living seems rarely to be an act... Continue Reading →

Are You Mentally Overtaxed?

Are you working on too many things? Would you know? Too much busy work and too many task? If you can't see it for yourself, ask someone else. Your mind needs a break. This mental rest is important for daily recovery. It allows for creativity, new thoughts and ideas. Look to the natural world for... Continue Reading →

Do These Six Things Right Now

first, rely on the deluge for change rather then the perfectly crafted message. second, take any road not only the road less traveled. but sometimes, it is best to go in the opposite direction of traffic. third, your body ages over the decades, it's inevitable.  don't wait for that to happen to you.  get up... Continue Reading →

Everyone wants a roadmap

so many people want a road map or a how to guide to get ahead in something, anything. the desire for the illusory path, the magic pill, the predictive solution for better, anything better, anything best because, after all, that's the answer to life isn't it? knowing what to do, how to think, how to... Continue Reading →

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