Nothing Stays the Same

Every moment in every day is different.

The sun is not the same from second to second.

Yet, we desire routine.


But change is all around us. Sometimes it may not be realized, but there it is.

Like the life and death of a butterfly. (mortem autem papilio)

Even static works of art hanging on a wall are effected by the elements over time.

We strive to sustain and maintain their artistic integrity, but to no avail; they change.

Often the changes are imperceptible to us, but they aren’t truly observed by the same people every second of everyday throughout their life.

For those of us that suffer through this daily existence, ‘impermanence’ is often an understated and overlooked concept that does not get it just due.  Impermanence is not discussed  or conveyed enough.

Suffering will pass and become something else and then become suffering again.

Irritations don’t last.

Babies stop crying.

Dogs stop barking.

Bee stings get soothed.

People die only once and they’re  generally more healthy then ill.

Our society accepts basic educational tenets because they’ve been tried and tested and found to be knowledge to pass on through generations.

What about the fact that everything is impermanent and changes over time? This is not formally taught.  So should it be starting when people struggle with knowing how to maneuver through change?  For those that “get it”, they should be shepherds and stewards to those of us that don’t.

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