Are You Mentally Overtaxed?

IMG_0509Are you working on too many things?

Would you know?

Too much busy work and too many task?

If you can’t see it for yourself, ask someone else.

Your mind needs a break.

This mental rest is important for daily recovery.

It allows for creativity, new thoughts and ideas.

Look to the natural world for answers.

All living beings rest after they’ve exerted the energy they needed to graze across a plain, run from a threat, circle and kill their prey, fly across an ocean, etc.

Do These Six Things Right Now

IMG_0516first, rely on the deluge for change rather then the perfectly crafted message.

second, take any road not only the road less traveled. but sometimes, it is best to go in the opposite direction of traffic.

third, your body ages over the decades, it’s inevitable.  don’t wait for that to happen to you.  get up and experience life.

Fourth, don’t take short cuts to the things that are meaningful to you.  life really isn’t like a game show.  you really don’t stand in line and perform to be discovered.  you perform every moment of every day.  and you live the road you chose to live.

Fifth, listen to the generations that came before you. They are speaking to you.

Sixth, do one through five with patience, practice and discipline

overcome yourself

img_7519This started as “overcome your fear” but that seems overused.


don’t give fear too much credence.

Prioritize it appropriately.

Endure your suffering.

We all get  frustrated, but remember that everything is impermanent.

Ride the wave your on.

Even Michelangelo began with his Patron’s, the Medici family, and rode them straight to the Vatican.

We all have patrons.

No one goes through this life on their own

so overcome yourself.


Wisdom in the Weeds

img_7528We have a way of living by pendulum swings throughout our existence.

We are in love, and then we aren’t.

We were liberal in our youth and we’ve become conservative as we’ve aged.

We don’t care about religion and then we are fervently ideological.

We suffer through grief and war and accept kindness, and then we loose the ability to be even slightly tolerant.

Even a moderate perspective can also be perceived as extreme.

There is no progression to build the necessary knowledge for growth of the human condition.

It appears that we are in a perpetual cycle of torching our past and pushing the pendulum in the opposite direction.